Pain with Ovulation

Pain with ovulation is called mittelschmerz. It is experienced by about 20% of women in some or all cycles. It occurs roughly halfway between menstrual cycles. It is usually sharp seven and located in the lower abdomen either on the left or right side. It is unknown why this condition happens and usually treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

Pain with ovulation may also happen in patients who have pelvic adhesions which occurred as a result of previous surgery, endometriosis, infections or trauma. When ovary is trapped in the scar tissue it is not able to freely release an egg and causes pain. This pain may be relieved by surgically removing the adhesions.

If you or someone you know experiences pain with ovulation after surgery, infection, trauma or in the setting of endometriosis please call 480 599-9682 or email [email protected] to learn about available treatments.

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