On May 26, 2023, I gave an interview for Pudendal Hope, a Facebook group for patients suffering from pudendal neuralgia and pelvic floor pain. This interview was initially scheduled for one hour, but after two and a half hours, there were still well over 100 questions that were not answered. This shows how patients with chronic pelvic pain are searching for answers, and that is why, in this interview I made a promise that I would answer all the remaining questions. This inspired me to launch a YouTube channel named “Questions that Need Answers with Dr. Michael Hibner.” After I address all the remaining questions, I invite you to email your questions to [email protected].

However, I have a disclaimer.

No doctor-patient relationship is created through this video, and the information on this channel is not a replacement for expert medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This channel’s audio, video, image, text and graphic content is for general informational purpose only. The FDA has not verified or endorsed many of this channel's suggested treatments. And finally, this platform is not intended to bring any revenue to me or my practice. Still, if it does, any profits will be donated to a foundation that will assist in supporting the care of less fortunate patients who otherwise cannot afford it.

Please visit our YouTube channel:

Please like and subscribe. Any proceeds from this channel will help less fortunate patients with pelvic pain.

Please send your questions to [email protected].

This is intended for patients who are not patients of the Arizona Center for Chronic Pelvic Pain. Patients of our practice should communicate with us using the patient portal, or by calling the practice at +1 480 599-9682.

The process of making the videos for this channel is lengthy, and it may take some time before the answer to your question is available for viewing.

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