Psychological Trauma

Psychological traumatic event may be devastating to any patient at the time when it happens, but a lot of patients develop lasting effects of such a trauma. They are seen in women and men who are survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, who have lived through sickness or death of a close relative or friend and many other traumatizing situations. It may happen in people who have highly stressful jobs or who have survived an accident, even without any trauma to the pelvis. In children it may happen during the divorce of their parents.

Many patients develop pelvic floor muscle spasm after psychological trauma and is seen both in women and men. It is a mechanism seen in some animals who tuck their tails under in response to stress or trauma and is caused by the spasm of the pelvic floor muscles. Many highly effective treatments are available for pelvic floor muscle spasm ranging from medications, to physical therapy and injections.

If you or someone you know is experiencing pelvic pain related to psychological trauma, please call our office at 480-599-9682 to learn more about available treatments.

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